Smart Battery Pack BP-500

The BP-500 Smart Battery Pack is designed to power the TX-500 transceiver from replaceable 18650 Li-Ion batteries (nominal voltage 3.7 V).

A wide charging voltage range from 13 to 50 V allows you to charge the battery pack from various DC sources: consumer electronics power supplies, on-board network of various types of vehicles, solar panels. Protection against overheating and reverse polarity is provided.

The battery pack has an indication of the remaining battery charge. When connected to a TX-500 transceiver, additional information about the battery parameters is available on the transceiver screen.

A feature of the design of the battery pack is a direct attachment to the TX-500 transceiver (no additional switching is required) and a functional design: folding legs provide ease of use and transportation; The aluminum heatsink ensures optimal temperature conditions for the transceiver.

BP-500 User Manual


  • Replaceable batteries Li-Ion 18650 format;
  • Ability to use 3 or 6 batteries;
  • Wide charging voltage range from 13 to 50 V;
  • Possibility of charging from solar panels;
  • Four-segment LED charge level indicator;
  • Display of additional parameters on the screen of the transceiver;
  • Aluminum radiator providing effective cooling of the transceiver;
  • Folding footrests for ease of use and transportation.


  • External power supply DC 13-50 V, recommended current 3A;
  • Dimensions (W×D×H): 90 × 207 × 21 mm;
  • Weight (without batteries): 0.35 kg.