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Box 165, 3983 S. McCarran Blvd.
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Before sending the equipment for repair, please contact to our Support Service for the required documentation.

Our company is gradually expanding its network of service centers and before sending us your product by mail, please contact the Lab599 support service to get the current delivery address and current information on the cost of repairs and terms. You can contact us by email at For parcels sent without prior approval, an additional shipping fee will be charged to the place of repair.

Lab599 Limited Warranty And Repair

Lab599 provides a one-year limited warranty on its products.

The warranty comes into effect:

  • From the moment of the first purchase by the consumer of the Lab599 equipment from an authorised dealer.
  • From the moment of shipment of the goods to the buyer, if the product is supplied directly from the Lab599 factory.

Warranty service is provided on condition:

  • Providing proof of original purchase from an authorized Lab599 dealers: a receipt or order number (online orders).
  • Electronic correspondence confirming the fact of the payment and shipment of goods when ordering directly from the Lab599 factory.
  • Rating plate, serial number, identity protection label must not show signs of attempted opening or design changes.

Who does the Warranty cover to:

This warranty applies to the original end-use purchaser of the Lab599 product as reported to Lab599 at the time of ordering. This warranty does not apply to Lab599 products transferred by the purchaser to a third party by sale, gift, or other method not notified to Lab599 at the time of the original order. If the Lab599 product is purchased indirectly from a third party, the third party's name and address must be provided at the time of ordering to ensure the warranty coverage.

What does the warranty cover:

During the first year from the date of purchase, Lab599 will perform diagnostics,warranty repairs and / or replacement of defective or missing parts (pay-as-you-go) free of charge. Buyer pays for shipping the product to the Lab599's Service Center for warranty repairs.

For equipment under warranty, return shipping is paid by Lab599. The delivery service will be chosen by Lab599 according to convenience. The shipping cost of the equipment that is not subject to warranty repair is borne by the owner.

What does the warranty not cover:

  • Deterioration to the product caused by normal wear, tear;
  • If the product has been subjected to a negligence or misuse;
  • If the product was incorrectly installed or configured;
  • If the product has been altered from its original condition;
  • If the malfunction occurs as a result of the connection to a third-party equipment 
or components that do not belong to Lab599;
  • If the product has been subjected to an accident;
  • If the product has been subjected to lightning strikes, power surges, abnormal electrical voltage, or any electrical voltage;
  • If the product has been exposed to natural disasters;
  • If any of the seals on the device are broken or show signs of tampering.

Limitation of incidental or consequential damages:

The warranty does not cover non-Lab599 equipment or components used with our products. Any such repair or replacement is the responsibility of the purchaser. Lab599 is not responsible for any special, consequential, incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to any loss of business or profits.

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